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July 2024 - Theatre Production at Mendocino College

Julie discusses theatre production in Mendocino County as well as at Mendocino College with Reid Edelman, Director of the Theatre Program and Ellen Weed, theatre profe...

June 2024 - Nicholas Lujan

Julie talks to Nicholas Lujan, current student at Mendocino College to hear his educational journey. 

May 2024 - Lawrence Ortiz

Julie talks with Lawrence Ortiz, current student at Mendocino College and Outgoing Student Trustee to hear his educational journey.

April 2024 - Financial Aid and FAFSA

Julie discusses everything FAFSA with Vice President of Student Services, Ulises Velasco and Director of Financial Aid, Yuliana Sandoval.

March 2024 - "Twelfth Night" Theatre Production

Julie discusses the upcoming theatre production, “Twelfth Night” with Reid Edleman, Professor and Theatre Director, Steve Decker, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts a...

Feb. 2024 - Counseling Services

Julie discusses counseling services available at Mendocino College with Ingrid Larsen, Dean of Counseling and Alicia Mendoza, Academic Counselor.

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